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In the very early morning of 04/04/17 more than 80 people were killed and around 541 were injured in a chemical attack in Khan Sheikhoun, about 50km south of the city of Idlib, Syria.

According to the opposition and the Western governments, particularly the USA and Britain, the Syrian government had dropped a bomb with a nerve agent called sarin, which causes foaming from the mouth, constricted pupils and asphyxiation due to lung muscle paralysis. The colourless and odourless liquid is very difficult to detect and can be fatal in 1 to 10 minutes. Many of the victims were children.

The Syrian government said the attack was fabricated to give the US justification to attack the Sharat Airbase on the 7th April.

On Saturday 8th April around 200 people joined a march organised by the Syria Solidarity Campaign through the streets of London to protest the use of chemical weapons in Syria.

DIRECTOR: Phoebe Fleming

POST-SOUND & MUSIC: Stefano Fiori

COLOUR GRADE: Luke Fleming

SYNOPSIS: Carolina Rapezzi.